What is it? Answers 158

Thursday, February 22, 2007

908. Shims and wedge, or feathers and wedge, used to split stone. Among other purposes, these were used to make limestone fence posts. In the plains where trees were scarce, there were plenty of large slabs of limestone about eight to twelve inches thick that could be split to make posts.

909. Vise grip welding clamp

910. Locks onto an old wheel and spoke to prevent the theft a of car, the side reads "Stop thief car lock".

911. Ice holder, clamps onto a running board of a car and holds a block of ice in place, patent number 1,651,457.

912. Battery post cleaner

913. Holder for arc lamp carbons, as used inside a projector , similar to patent number 981,121. More on arc lamps can be found at the Museum of Electricity.

914. Fish scaler, made in Sweden.

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